“Burning Man the Musical” at Teatro Pescadero in Baja Sur on March 19. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

I can finally say I’ve been to Burning Man, well, sort of, and not really.

I’ve seen the play. I’m sure that counts.

Burning Man the Musical is the whimsical, satirical brainchild of Dillon Porter, who founded Teatro Pescadero in November 2020. The inspiration for this play is from the eight times he’s been to this iconic gathering in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. His first experience was with his father in the early 2000s.

The play was fun, lighthearted, and campy entertainment under the dark skies of Baja.

Porter describes it as a parody or farce as opposed to a re-creation of what actually takes place on that playa.

Many of the 19 cast members, most of whom live in the surrounding area, were performing in their first play. Some clearly had prior experience in theater.

The band was excellent; with members writing the original tunes. They also were participants in the play.

The dirt theater is so Baja. Chairs a mishmash arranged in a half circle. The set was perfect with RVs as the backdrop, much like what is at the real Burning Man.

Baja Sur is the richer for having this community theater.

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