It’s hard to capture the essence of a location with just a few words, but singer-songwriter Tim Lang has done it.

In his latest single that dropped late last year, the Todos Santos resident in just more than three minutes sings about what Baja means to him. Only the Baja Knows is bound to resonate with anyone who has called Baja home or has visited this magical peninsula.

Lang said his goal was to share “experiences completely unique to anyone who has lived on The Baja.”

Tim Lang performs at Todos Santos Brewing in 2018. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

It’s about swimming with whale sharks, witnessing the sunrise over the Sea Cortez and later that same day seeing the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It’s driving on dirt roads not knowing the destination. And it’s coping with poor cell service by writing messages on a dusty hood of a car.

It’s also a bit of a thank you to everyone—near and far—who has supported his music career in Baja. It was 15 years ago that Lang first came to Todos Santos on a friend’s recommendation. Prior to that he had been living on the Mexican mainland.

But something about Baja had first piqued his interest when he was a kid living in Wisconsin. Even though he wasn’t anywhere near an ocean, the walls of his room were covered with surfing posters—a sport he loves to this day. He wrote about Baja even then.

“I had a strong pull to get there,” Lang said.

Only the Baja Knows will be part of an album by the same name that is slated to be released later this year. Included on it will be two other versions of the same song—one more “rockish” as Lang called it and the other acoustic.

On the current version his wife Lorena Lang is on percussion, Scott Swayze of Todos Santos is on electric guitar, Robby Scharf formerly of Todos Santos and now living in California is on bass guitar. It was co-produced and mixed by Dane Taylor.

This isn’t Lang’s first song that has something to do with his adopted hometown. (He was born in Maine.) Nor does he expect it to be his last.

Lang said Baja provides him with “bottomless inspiration,” adding, “I don’t think I have enough time to explore everything I want to see.”

And it’s often those experiences that wind up as lyrics in his extensive playlist.

The video of Only the Baja Knows is like a tourism ad for Baja. Even his dog, whose name is Baja, is featured in it. Of course she was once a stray street dog who adopted the Langs.

Lang will be performing throughout Baja Sur starting in April. Dates are on his website.

Note: A version of this story first appeared in the Gringo Gazette.

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