Waterfalls and wildflowers

A wet winter and spring means there are plenty of wildflowers and waterfalls to see at Table Mountain in early April. (Video: Kathryn Reed)  

Palm Springs Tram

The Palm Springs Tram transports people between the desert and mountains in a matter of minutes. (Video: Kathryn Reed)

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area in Northern California encompasses about 9,100 acres, with driving and foot paths to see the birds and other wildlife. (Video: Kathryn Reed)

Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery, which started in 1988, offers tours to the public at its Bend, OR, facilities. (Video: Kathryn Reed)

Caldor Fire remains

Devastation from the 2021 Caldor Fire seen from the Mormon Immigrant Trail in June 2023. (Video: Kathryn Reed)


More dragonflies are flitting about California because of the abundance of rain last winter that has left more standing water in the subsequent months. (Video: Kathryn Reed)

The Buena Vista

The Buena Vista in San Francisco is known for its Irish coffees--having brought the hot alcoholic drink to the United States from Ireland in the 1950s. (Video: Kathryn Reed)

Car wash

Black vehicles are prone to showing dirt more easily, thus the need to regularly wash them. (Video: Kathryn Reed)

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