All three outdoor books will be a smidge more expensive later this month when purchased on Amazon.

Starting June 20 it’s likely most books on Amazon will cost more money.

While technically this is up to the author, it is because Amazon is increasing its printing costs.

Authors like myself received an email from Amazon a few weeks ago saying it was going to raise its printing costs through its KDP platform. Authors have until June 19 to decide if they want to raise the list price to retain the same compensation or leave the price and make less money. The latter essentially means absorbing Amazon’s increase.

Sleeping With Strangers Book

Authors are dealing with Amazon raising its printing costs.

No matter what, Amazon will be making more money. The behemoth contends the increase is to cover increasing printing costs. Paper and ink cost money. I get it. It’s hard to know if the increase will only cover the company’s cost of doing business or if there is profit factored in.

While Amazon has been the great disruptor in the publishing world, it is the devil most authors dance with. It’s a great way to get your words before the masses.

The price increase varies based on number of pages, size of book, hard cover, color v. black and white.

While per book it’s not a substantial increase, like anything, it adds up. Consumers are likely to barely notice. It’s the authors who will feel the cumulative pinch if they don’t increase their price.

I have to commend Amazon for giving authors a choice. When IngramSpark, the distributor I use to get my books into stores, changed its financial model it did so to the compensation component. This meant I had no choice but to make less money per book sold.

While I prefer people buy books through local bookshops instead of Amazon, I actually make more on Amazon. This is assuming I have not sold my books directly to the retailer.

Of course if you buy directly from the author, that’s how they make the most money.

*Note: Mark June 27 on your calendars. I’ll be at the South Lake Tahoe Library from 4-6:30pm selling and signing all of my books alongside a handful of other authors.

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