Some books make me want to scream and throw things. They can also make me feel powerless, like I’m being used. And some are educational.

Davos Man: How the Billionaires Devoured the World (Custom House, 2022) was all of those things and then some.

Author Peter Goodman is the global economics correspondent for the New York Times. He tells the history of how wealthy individuals have shaped the world to cater to their needs, and how it continues to happen.

Politicians seem to be like putty in their hands—politicians of both parties.

This book was tough to listen to at times; no so much the complexity, but how the average person is duped by the billionaires. It’s not that all of this was new to me, but having it spelled out so clearly, well, it gave me a better understanding of how the public is screwed on a regular basis by those with the most money.

It’s not just people in the United States getting fleeced and used, this practice is a worldwide phenomenon.

Goodman uses captivating stories about the “average” person and how they are affected by the actions of Davos Man. It’s not a pretty scenario.

Those of who are not billionaires are paying the price.

This is an essential read (or listen) for those who want a better understanding of the economy (think health care and taxes) and how actions of billionaires and politicians really do affect our everyday lives.

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