Every day people essentially fill out questionnaires to find a significant other via various online dating sites. Don Tillman took it to an extreme.

The genetics professor was on a quest to find a wife so he developed a survey of sorts to give perspective mates. It’s one thing to put on paper what you might like in a person, or ask questions in such a way to eliminate the traits you don’t want, but this method does not account for chemistry, for the fun you may have with someone, or how a person brings out your best. Above all, it doesn’t take love into consideration.

Graeme Simsion weaves a delightful tale in The Rosie Project (Simon & Schuster, 2013).

I was a bit skeptical when I started listening to it. I wondered how it got onto my list of books to read. I mostly add books to my never-ending list based on recommendations from friends/family and actual book reviews, not reader reviews. This method has served me well because it has gotten me interested in genres I would not always naturally gravitate toward.

The Rosie Project is one of those books that had I read the jacket or back cover in a book store or online I would have passed on it. To begin with, seldom am I in the fiction section. That’s why it’s good I listen to others; because my instincts are not always spot on.

I like romantic comedies as a movie genre, but don’t usually consider them for my books. I will have to going forward.

This book will make for a great summer read. Fast, entertaining, thoughtful, deeper than I expected, and above all it’s hopeful. Maybe it was the latter that struck me the most, especially at a time when it seemed like so much around me was chaotic. This book was the perfect escape I needed.

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