It’s amazing how a few decisions can be so devastating to millions of people. If more people understood deregulation by the government, banking rules, and trade, it would be better for the middle class in the United States.

It doesn’t mean change would be forthcoming, but it might spur dialogue that could lead to change that would help the average American.

That was one of my take aways from listening to Elizabeth Warren’s book This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class (Metropolitan Books, 2017). Plenty of people will not read the book because of the author. That’s too bad. I would like to hear their thoughts about the issues she brings forth. I listened to the book, which was more enjoyable with Warren being the narrator.

Warren gives example after example how decisions in Washington have benefited the top wage earners and hurt the middle class. She does an excellent job of pointing out how corporate profits don’t trickle down.

Her delivery is candid and to the point. She doesn’t mince words. While in some ways the topic is complex, her explanations are easy to understand.

She looks back at the effects of various administrations through the Trump years. It’s a bit of history lesson as well as current civics. While some of the topics have been covered in daily news stories, to have all of this information in one spot is quite a resource. It also allows for a deeper understanding of all that has and is going on.

More than once she says the U.S. government is no longer serving the people. That is alarming, but reassuring at the same time knowing someone in the Senate is trying to undo the damage.

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