Sue relaxes in the pool at El Faro as she looks out to the Pacific Ocean. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

Traditional chaise lounge? Chair resembling a bird cage for two or for one to stretch out in? Swinging cabana on the beach comfy enough to nap away the afternoon? Secluded chairs in the corners? Dining area? Float in the pool? Cement chair in the water in front of the bar? Those were the difficult decisions to be made – deciding where to hang out.

Resort-style lounging without the expense or the need to be in overcrowded, pricy Los Cabos. That’s what El Faro is all about.

Veterans of El Faro who got there before us knew to stake out multiple locations, including the front row at the pool. No problem. We learned quickly, taking chaise lounges in the second of two rows and a bird cage by the pool.

As we were getting comfortable a waiter brought us a menu and took our drink order. Pampered is what this day felt like, even without a massage. Attentive staff made sure our needs were met without being intrusive. No pressure to order anything. The only thing to do was relax, read a book, wonder what the rest of the world was doing.

Ample umbrellas provided relief from the hot sun.

The pool is perfect for cooling off on a warm Baja day. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

While the pool is inviting, it is on the cool side. Too chilly to sit in the water at the bar.

It was the cabana on the beach that was the most difficult to leave. I would have gladly paid someone to gently push this bed of sorts to make it swing. The waves rippling onto the sand chased away all other sound. Add the slight breeze and canopy, sleep would have been an option had it been earlier in the day. Next time I would spend more time here; plus, it was away from the smokers.

It was the chain smoking Europeans who chased me away from El Faro. The pool area should be non-smoking, with smoking as far away from the majority of people as possible.

For 300 pesos (about $15) people can spend all day at this beach club and spa. Cost includes a towel, the pool and private beach, though this section of the Pacific Ocean is not recommended for swimming. Spa treatments are closer to U.S. prices so we passed on that option. No lodging exists here, though it is tied to Guaycura Boutique Hotel in Todos Santos. Those staying at the hotel may use El Faro’s amenities for free.

While reservations are encouraged, there is no guarantee of a poolside lounge chair – or any cushy seating. A good reason to get there early.

What can add up is the food/bar tab. Only water is allowed in from the outside. The margaritas were good, but cost more than at most restaurants in town. Sue indulged in the scallop tostada, saying it was yummy. I would recommend the French fries, which for those who know me, says a lot.

The view of El Faro, which means lighthouse, from the beach. (Image: Kathryn Reed)


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