Three Pinot Noirs from 2021 are available to taste at La Crema in Sonoma County. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

It was refreshing to taste three Chardonnays and three Pinot Noirs side-by-side instead of a slew of varietals.

This tiered approach at La Crema in Sonoma County highlights the two varietals that it is known for. It really is amazing how where the grapes are grown and what the winemaker does allows for completely different flavor profiles.

Considering the Pinots were all from 2021 that eliminated the variable of what a particular year’s weather does to the grapes.

Housed in a barn built in 1900, the tasting room is situated in the middle of Saralee’s Vineyard.

Sitting on the back deck looking out onto the vineyard makes for a relaxing afternoon.

Glasses are placed on a piece of paper that says what is in each, making it easy to know which wine is which. While La Crema can be found in grocery stores, what is poured at the winery is not on those shelves.

La Crema’s tasting room once was a barn. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

The winery was founded in 1979. La Crema has been owned by Jackson Family Wines since 1993. However, Saralee’s Vineyard was not part of that purchase. It was acquired in 2013 from Richard and Saralee Kunde. The tasting room (and former barn) was once their home.

It was announced this spring that the winery is the official wine of the Women’s National Basketball Association.

“Coming from a family of strong women, who pushed boundaries, we are proud to align with a league that not only elevates women athletes but also captivates an expanding audience, marking a significant advancement in empowering and celebrating women’s achievements across all fields,” La Crema co-proprietor Hailey Jackson Hartford Murray said in a press release.

La Crema is also the official wine of San Francisco Pride.

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