Vineyards at Mumm Napa sparkle like the wine. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

All bubbles are not the same.

While I could not write the tasting notes for Mumm Napa (or any winery), I could tell the difference between the sparkling wines in front of me. I just didn’t taste strawberry jam or anything else that the glasses were said to possess.

As part of our annual tennis camp, we took time for a tasting in the Napa Valley thanks to Joyce’s membership.

Even the non-drinker in the group joined in the festivities. Apparently, Donna has good taste because her favorite was the most expensive bottle.

While Rosés are one of my least favorite wines, I have been liking them more and more as a sparkling wine. I left with a bottle of the brut reserve Rosé and the sparkling Pinot Meunier.

A variety of tastings are available at Mumm Napa. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

Mumm Napa traces its heritage to France. The Champagne house of G.H. Mumm was established in 1827. Guy Devaux was tapped in the 1970s to find a location in the United States that would be ideal to grow grapes for sparkling wine.

Domaine Mumm, as the Rutherford winery was first known, released its inaugural vintage in 1983 using the French méthode traditionnelle.

The winery opened to the public in 1990 under the name Mumm Napa.

A view of the vineyards made for an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.

Our server was knowledgeable, fun, and unpretentious. While he shared what we would be tasting in each glass, he said ultimately what matters is what each person likes. That’s always a sure way to be inclusive.

It’s also my approach to wine because everyone’s palette is different. Mine is far from sophisticated. I just know what I like and what I don’t.

Unfortunately, the fine art gallery that opened in 1993 was closed the afternoon of our visit. The winery’s website says it features an Ansel Adams collection along with rotating exhibits. It is open to the public.


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