While it is not unusual for law enforcement officers in the United States to spend their entire career with the same department, things are a little different south of the border.

The following is an email I received this week about the Todos Santos cop shop:

Hola Vecinos –

The Todos Santos municipal police has had a changeover in staff.
For those who are new, this seems to happen every year, or maybe every 2 years, where the current Comandante and some members of the force are replaced with a new team.
The former staff said goodbye, and thanked the group for their partnership in helping to reduce crime.
The new Comandante is Calvillo Aguirre.
Gloria sent a nice note thanking the current for their service, welcoming the new guys, and reminding them of the purpose and importance of this WhatsApp group.


The gringos in Todos Santos have a good rapport with police officers in Todos Santos.

I’m on an email list maintained by an expat that contains a synopsis of police activity. Much of it is petty stuff — barking dogs, loud parties, there’s the occasional break-in or fire, that sort of thing.

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