1. Fifty percent of the world’s avocados come from Mexico, which means there are a lot of pits lying around after all that guacamole is prepared. Mexico-based BioFase is turning those pits into biodegradable and compostable plastic.


  1. The Spanish-language rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s state of the union address on Feb. 5, 2019, had roots in Mexico. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who gave the speech, is half Mexican. His mother was an immigrant from Guadalajara.


  1. In October 2018, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that an absolute ban on recreational marijuana use is unconstitutional. Congress is contemplating making it legal for citizens to grow and sell pot.


  1. Illegal immigration isn’t a one-way road. According to Mexico’s National Institute of Geography and Statistics, in 2015 about 740,000 U.S. citizens lived in Mexico. The country’s National Institute of Immigration said only 65,302 were legal residents. Many from the U.S. come on a six-month tourist visa and never leave. That’s how the majority of illegal immigrants enter the U.S., too.


5.  Spanish is just one of the 68 official languages recognized by the Mexican government.

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