Watching videos (aka reels) online can be far more entertaining than anything on TV. I access them through Instagram or Facebook, but they are on TikTok, YouTube, and other sites.

For me, it’s a way to pass time when I’m “stuck” someplace like at an airport or doctor’s office. It’s also how I wind down at night when I don’t want to read or sleep.

Careful what you wear to the airport, someone might think it is a bit comical and post a photo of you online without you knowing. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

Of course it’s the dog videos I enjoy the most. If you don’t know Layla the Boxer, well, you are missing out. Such creativity.

Iampoliticsgirl is great for those who have a political bent that is similar to mine. But it’s everyone else who ought to hear what Leigh McGowan has to say. This month she won a Webby Award; pretty much the highest award one gets for internet content.

I didn’t become a fan of “dad jokes” until I stumbled across Dock Tok. I’m sure it was noticing right away that these were shot at Lake Tahoe that grabbed my attention. Logan Lisle is the mastermind behind these shorts. His brothers take turns being part of his fun.

One that I came across recently that makes me laugh is Laura from HR. It reminds me of all of the incompetence at an office.

Jimmy on Relationships is designed as a dose of relationship help for men, but I think anyone can get something from him. Watch it while you’re on the couch—therapy for free.

Then there are the people who have spent time to post iconic clips from popular TV shows. Those are great trips down memory lane.

The way people spliced parts of Miley Cryrus’ Flowers video were captivating. Earlier this month I came across Diane Keaton dancing to the song, even though she posted it on Instagram in January.

All of those video/reel creators are doing so for free or are trying to make a buck somehow off what they post. All that is good.

What I worry about are videos that make fun of people without their knowledge. Well, they might have known video was being taken, but didn’t necessarily know where it ended up.

If a photo or video was taken at a public place, it’s usually fair game. When it’s often not legal, is if someone is making money off the image without your consent. Seeing all these reels makes me realize wherever I go and whatever I do someone could be recording me or taking a photo. Oh, well, not much I can do about it when we are all essentially walking around with a camera in our pockets.

Watch reels; there are some really good ones out there.

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