Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, Palestine. None of these places has been an integral part of my life.

My memory for as long as I can recall is unrest in the Middle East. Fighting over things that really weren’t important to me.

Now, though, the turmoil is affecting me more—or at least I’m paying better attention. I still have a lot to understand.

My memory is also that it has been an us vs. them mentality, with the U.S. always on the side of Israel.

While it’s important to back friends—be it a country, a group or individuals—doing so blindly is never a good thing. Friends can be wrong. They can be doing harm to themselves and/or to others.

Sometimes it takes tough love, so to speak. Sometimes you have to walk away no matter how long the friendship has existed or why it was even formed in the first place.

I’m not saying the United States should abandon Israel, but it is beyond time we look at how and why we are supporting this country. It is time to figure out Israel might be the bully on the playground.

Isn’t it way past time that the Palestinians have a land to call their own?

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