Piles of dirt fill the fence enclosure on the dunes in Todos Santos. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

It should only take common sense to realize building on a sand dune is not a good idea. The environmental reasons are endless. However, for some people wanting the best view and their needs trump all else.

Such is the case right now in Todos Santos where the dunes have been disturbed. Apparently the owners don’t care that the Todos Santos Urban Plan and Subregional Development Program prohibits such development.

Reports are that representatives from the PROFEPA (federal attorney for Environmental Protection of Mexico) have visited the site and confirmed the property owner does not have permits. Still, the construction continues as they were given a few days to produce appropriate documents. People in the past have reportedly forged paperwork.

Apparently law breakers in Mexico like to do things around a major holiday knowing the authorities won’t be around to do anything. Santa Semana (Holy Week/Easter) begins April 14.

In Mexico it is illegal to arrest anyone on private property.

People are being asked to call or write local reps to put an end to this travesty:

  • PROFEPA La Paz: 612.122.0787
    For English speaking, stay on the line.
  • Semarnat Todos Santos: 612.122.6890
    Spanish speaking.
  • Todos Santos Mayor Roberto Tito’s office: 612.145.0234
  • Email in Spanish to javiar.chavez@profepa.gob.

This is the letter I wrote:

Mr. Chavez,

I am writing about the construction in the dunes in the area of Las Tunas in Todos Santos, specifically at the end of Calle Los Mangos.

Todos Santos has a master plan that prohibits such construction. Because the permits would never be allowed for any construction or disturbance of the land, I do not understand how this construction continues or how it was allowed to begin.

The government must take immediate measures to stop the project. The additional disturbance of the earth is harmful to the environment and can never be undone. If allowed to continue, this will establish a precedence that would be horrible for Todos Santos.

Thank you for your time.

Kathryn Reed, family member of a property owner in Todos Santos

Spanish version:
Senor Chavez,


Estoy escribiendo sobre la construcción en las dunas en el área de Las Tunas en Todos Santos, específicamente al final de la Calle Los Mangos.

Todos Santos tiene un plan maestro que prohíbe tal construcción. Debido a que los permisos nunca se permitirían para cualquier construcción o alteración del terreno, no entiendo cómo continúa esta construcción o cómo se permitió que comenzara.

El gobierno debe tomar medidas inmediatas para detener el proyecto. La perturbación adicional de la tierra es perjudicial para el medio ambiente y nunca se puede deshacer. Si se le permite continuar, esto establecerá una prioridad que sería horrible para Todos Santos.

Gracias por tu tiempo.

Kathryn Reed, miembro de la familia de un dueño de propiedad en Todos Santos

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