I’m continuing to follow science when it comes to protecting myself from getting COVID-19.

I got the latest booster last month. Arm was a little sore the next day so tennis was a no-go, but I could still sit at my desk and work. So, not much of a negative reaction; and I’m someone who has a phobia of needles.

Apparently, my fear of a deadly virus is more pronounced, thus the reason to get inoculated. More than 1 million people in the United States have died from this virus. That’s not a statistic I want to join.

I’m sure people can come up with plenty of good reasons not to get boosted, though I’m guessing I probably wouldn’t agree with most. What still amazes me is people call the vaccines gene therapy. That is a lie; with this being a good story laying out the facts.

While I’m not a big fan of going to doctors, I have done a pretty good job with keeping up with vaccines and the big checkups—colonoscopy, mammograms, etc.

Yes, I know it’s still possible to get COVID even if one is vaccinated. But did you know no vaccine is 100% effective? Even so, I still believe in vaccines.

I’m increasing my odds of not getting this virus or any other disease from which I’m inoculated against. With COVID, I’m also reducing the likelihood I would need hospitalization or die if I were to contract the virus.

I’m super happy to know I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19. I just wish more people were.

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