Nothing like a hot bath to take away physical aches and pains. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

I don’t need a study to prove hot water is a healer. Three months without a soak was enough self-study.

Lingering in the tub that first time after the hiatus was heavenly. I spent hours lounging, doing a lot of reading, and a little wine sipping. Every now and then I would turn on the hot water to warm things up.

One of the problems with living in Baja is at certain times of the year it’s so dang hot and humid that only cold water feels good. Then the weather changes and that C nob (caliente) gets cranked.

With a self-diagnosis of plantar fasciitis and the concrete floors in the house, my feet started screaming. Playing tennis also contributed to the pain. I was able to get some relief with regimens I knew should work, in addition to changing to more padded shoes, but the pain persisted.

I finally decided to take a bath. It was better than any medication a doctor could have given me.

People have known about the benefits of soaking in hot water for centuries. Think about those Roman baths.

It’s not just relieving aching muscles, the hot water increases blood flow – which in itself is a healer. Some studies say hot water can help with diabetes, arthritis and migraines. It certainly is good for the skin.

For the most part I stopped taking baths when I got a hot tub at my old place. Now with no hot tub, the bath tub is where I will be soaking. If only it weren’t in the guest bath.

To say I have a thing for hot water might be an understatement.

Taking baths dates to childhood. It is a practice carried forth to adulthood. It was normal to receive bubble bath for birthdays and Christmas. (Yes, I still like bubbles.) It was my place to read. I often stayed well after becoming prune-like.

I’m guessing my introduction to hot tubs was when my parents installed one out back in the home I grew up in. The only problem with it was having to turn the heater on 30 minutes before you used it. Having one that is always ready is ideal.

It still boggles my mind that my ex had to convince me to buy a hot tub. One of the best investments ever made. When I became self-employed it was where I would take my mid-morning break. Most evenings I took a soak before bed. I would read in the hot tub, drink, socialize, relax, escape from the world. All the while my aches were melting away along with mental angst.

When the snow is falling, well, that’s my favorite time to tub. It’s magical.

My recollection of the first natural hot spring was on a ski trip as a kid to Mammoth, California. I don’t remember much about it, but as an adult I have experienced several of the hot springs in the area.

It was great to discover there are natural hot springs in Baja California Sur as well. I hope to find more. There can never be too many places to soak.

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