Something about live theater fills me.

The singing, the dancing, the acting, the lighting, the set, the costumes, the music. It all adds up to wonderful memories.

Put “Funny Girl “on your must-see list. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

More were created this month when I saw Funny Girl in San Francisco.

Katerina McCrimmon as Fanny Brice was incredible. What a voice. Considering I had watched the movie starring Barbra Streisand just days before I didn’t think anyone could rival her. Well, McCrimmon did. Both bring so much to the role.

Nick Arnstein was played by Stephen Mark Lukas. He didn’t quite have the same presence as Omar Sharif does in the film, but his voice is so much better.

The play followed the movie closely, with a few changes that only added to the stage production.

I can’t imagine performing in front of a live audience day after day, night after night. There is no room for error unless you are really good at improv.

It’s not like a TV show or film where do-overs are the norm. I’m not saying acting of any kind is easy, but before a live audience would seem the most difficult. And then to be on top of your game each performance, well, it really does seem like quite an undertaking.

When Funny Girl comes to a theater near you, be sure to see it.

One of the best shows I saw this year was Cole Porter’s Anything Goes. If I didn’t know these were high school students ahead of time, I would have never known. The main actress is destined for a career in theater and she still has another year before she graduates.

These were students at Chico’s Inspire School of Arts & Sciences. With the stage being the Paradise Performing Arts Center, it added to the professionalism of the whole musical.

Live theater really is captivating.

I credit my parents for my appreciation for the theater. They took me to community theater when I was growing up as well as to plays in The City. We were regulars at the high school shows, too. I’ve been to Broadway and the theater in London. It’s all magical, no matter the venue.

While I haven’t enjoyed everything I’ve seen, I applaud anyone willing to give it a go.

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