For those who live in the Lake Tahoe Basin it’s not news that it’s an expensive place to reside.

Nonetheless, a study by the bill paying company Doxo came out with a report this spring pointing out that South Lake Tahoe residents pay $5,032 more per year in household bills compared to the U.S. average, which is 20.5 percent higher.

The state average is $2,838/month and the national average is $2,046/month.

The bills include mortgage/rent, utilities, auto loans, cell phone, auto insurance, cable/satellite, health insurance, life insurance, and alarm/security.

Note that food is not included on the list.

Of the 431 cities in California that were ranked, South Lake Tahoe comes in at No. 316. The average cost of the above mentioned bills is $2,466/month. This comes to nearly $30,000 a year.

The other El Dorado County cities on the list were El Dorado Hills, coming at No. 97 for most expensive with an average monthly bill of $3,432, Shingle Springs at No. 251 ($2,749/month), and Placerville at No. 352 ($2,260/month)

Truckee came in at No. 256, with the average household expenses being $2,886 a month.

California is second among all the states when it comes to average monthly household expenses.

Some other stats from the study:

  • California’s monthly bills average is 38.7% higher than the national average.
  • California households spend 40% of their income on household bills.
  • Annually, California residents pay $428 billion in household bills.
  • South Lake Tahoe households spend 47% of their income on household bills.

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