Martin Luther King Jr. Day comes and goes without me paying much attention to it. I’m that way with a lot of holidays, though. It’s not about the person or the day.

But having recently watched the movie Rustin on Netflix has me doing a little more thinking about MLK, the civil rights movement, the March on Washington.

I wrongly assumed the march was organized by King. That it was always about him being at the center of attention, delivering the message about having a dream.

What I learned in the movie is that’s not how it went down. Bayard Rustin was actually the mastermind of that march in 1963.

It took watching the movie to learn about a man whose name I had never heard before.

It is sobering how much I don’t know. How much I haven’t been taught. How much I haven’t learned on my own.

The only good thing is that I keep learning. (Now, if only I could retain more of it!)

With Monday being MLK Day, I recommend watching this movie. Then think about how far we still have to go to have true equality in the country. Then maybe do more than enjoy a day off. Do something to make difference.

Becoming better educated counts as doing something because ignorance is never a defense.

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