The California gubernatorial recall—what a waste of time and money.

The Sept. 14 election to oust Gavin Newsom from his job is going to cost taxpayers $276 million, according to the state Department of Finance.

Gov. Gavin Newsom should not be recalled. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

Think what else the state could do with the money.

That $276,000,000 figure doesn’t include all the advertising going into the campaign by everyone who is running, and the special interests funding the propaganda. While that’s not my money being spent, it is still lot of cash being funneled out on what I believe is a frivolous election.

Why aren’t people up in arms about the recall process that allows Californians to be fleeced by special interests who have a gripe with the governor? Maybe they need to have some serious financial skin in the game.

It would be one thing if Newsom had done something super egregious. After all, it is possible to impeach a California governor, so there is that process that did not occur. If he had done something criminal, there are procedures in place to deal with that.

I understand there is plenty to be disappointed with in Newsom. But by no means has he done something that warrants being removed from office prior to the end of his term next year. Even if no taxpayer money were being spent on this election, I would still be vehemently opposed to the recall. Recalls need to be a last resort for someone who is clearly incompetent, not for someone people merely disagree with.

Whether it’s Newsom or someone else, that person’s time in office won’t be long before the next election. The primary is in June, with the main event in November 2022.

A simple majority could oust Newsom, who is in his first term. If that happens, the next governor would be whomever gets the most votes. No minimum percentage is required.

Think about that. Of the 24 Republicans, nine Democrats and 13 others who will be on the Sept. 14 ballot, the winner could garner 7 percent of the vote or some other scary number and be the governor. Is that what we really want, someone in office who hasn’t been elected by the majority of voters?

Voters are being asked two questions: Should Newsom be recalled? and Who should replace him? Vote no and don’t vote for anyone; that’s what I plan to do.

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