South Lake Tahoe honors LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. (Image: Kathryn Reed)

While it’s hard to say a bike trail isn’t naturally inclusive, three sections of one in South Lake Tahoe are even more so.

This is the second year the City Council voted to paint some asphalt with colors to recognize June being Pride Month.

The three I saw were where the Alta Mira building used to be, at the far end of Lakeview Commons.

Outright International says this about the Progress Pride Flag: “Created in 2018 by nonbinary artist Daniel Quasar, the Progress Pride flag is based on the iconic 1978 rainbow flag. With stripes of black and brown to represent marginalized LGBTIQ+ people of color as well as the triad of blue, pink and white from the trans flag, the design is meant to represent diversity and inclusion.”

As the Human Rights Campaign says, “Never forget that Pride was inspired by the Stonewall riots. At Stonewall, we stood our ground. Today, we are still fighting and will do so until we have freedom without exception, liberation without exception, joy without exception and pride without exception.”

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