When I think about 2024 I do so with trepidation. All because of November. The presidential election.

I can’t remember a time in my life when my thoughts about a new year were consumed by an election.

This one is going to be consequential. They all are. I know. But this one, well, it’s big. Remember to vote. Choose the lesser of two evils (if that’s how you will view the candidates) and don’t do what so many did in 2016 by staying on the sidelines or picking a third party candidate.

I know who I’m voting for. I know who scares me. If you aren’t scared, then you aren’t paying attention, you don’t know history, and you are likely part of the cult. That’s all I can call it when you devote yourself to one person.

Enough of that. The election is months from now. So much will happen between now and then that we can’t even imagine.

I have fun things on the calendar—Tahoe, Mexico, a niece’s wedding. Plenty more will fill in the blank dates.

I no longer take the “routine” days for granted—at least not often. After all, those are most of my days. As I’ve gotten older it’s those days that I enjoy more. I do so by being more present in my life.

It’s sharing experiences with people I care about—could be a Hallmark movie, could be tennis, could be a phone call-email-text, could be a hike, could be an adult beverage, could be just about anything.

It really is the “little” things in life that matter. They are the foundation, the substance, and the reality of life. The other stuff—travel, an expensive bottle of wine, a new car—that’s all the frosting of life.

For 2024, I’m going to keep working on being present and enjoying every “ordinary” day because I know these are really the most special days.

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