Updated June 11:

Reservations at Sand Harbor will be required on weekends and holidays this year from Aug. 17-Oct. 13. If space is available, those without reservations will be let in starting at 10:30am. Reservations made in advance cost $5, whereas same-day bookings are free. Reservations will be required every day beginning April 2025.


Nevada is considering requiring reservations at some of its Lake Tahoe parks starting in 2025.

A pilot program is being launched this summer at Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area in Laughlin.

“If everything goes well and we work out the kinks, then we will look to bring it to Sand Harbor,” said Tyler Kerver with the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Increased demand is a main reason for the reservation system. This way people will know there is room for them instead of being turned away.

“We understand the frustration of going to the park on a whim and not getting in. But, regardless, currently at Sand Harbor the park is at capacity at 10 a.m.,” Kerver said. “At least with a reservation you would know you have a spot there.”

The state recommends reservations for group areas and camping at the Lake Tahoe parks, but they are not required this year.

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