Abortion isn’t the problem, unwanted pregnancies are.

Making it difficult to end a pregnancy is not going to stop men and women from having intercourse that results in conception. So, why aren’t lawmakers making it easier to get contraception? Why aren’t they educating boys/men as well as girls/women about prevention? Abstinence education is only appropriate in fairytales, so don’t even go down that road.

Yes, I know pregnancies occur even with birth control. But making contraception readily available is a first step. High schools and colleges should have condom dispensers. Health insurance companies should have to cover the pill no matter their religious beliefs.

Why we even allow religious exemptions for anything medical is beyond me. It shouldn’t be an excuse not to provide contraceptives, nor a reason to not be vaccinated, nor a reason not to provide medical care. But that’s a discussion for another day.

I have yet to meet a woman who “wanted” an abortion. No one has sex with the goal of getting pregnant just so she can get an abortion.

I have family and friends who have had abortions. None did so lightly. It’s not something they have ever forgotten. But it was something they could legally choose to do. As things are going now, women today are not as fortunate depending on where they live.

To force someone to have a child is beyond inhumane. That should be the crime. How is this good for the woman or the child? We all know the sperm provider may not be around; that his life may never change—even if the sex was consensual, and not rape.

These men (because that’s the majority who are making these rules) don’t give a damn about the woman or the child. It’s about control. It’s about the patriarchy. Abortion is not a health issue that rises to the level of the greater good for society where the government should be involved.

You couldn’t pay me to go to Texas, let alone live there.

Mexico, well, now that’s a progressive country; unlike the United States that seems to be more regressive every day.

On Sept. 7, Mexico’s supreme court in a 10-0 decision (one justice was absent) voted to decriminalize abortion.

This shows that law comes before religion even in Mexico. This country is second to Brazil when it comes to having the largest Catholic population.

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